Lost Land of Auryndor

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Lost Land of Auryndor

Lost Land of Auryndor


In ancient times, Auryndor was a land of magic and wonder. Its forests were home to unicorns and dragons, while its rivers sparkled with mermaids and sea serpents. But one day, a great darkness descended upon the land, and its inhabitants were forced to flee. The once-beautiful landscape turned into a barren wasteland, and its secrets were lost to time.

Legend has it that Auryndor still exists, hidden from the mortal realm, waiting for a brave adventurer to discover its whereabouts. Many have tried, but few have succeeded. Some say that the lost lands of Auryndor can only be found by those who possess a pure heart and a steadfast spirit.

Orchestral cinematic track suitable for an adventure movie or video game
Tempo - 142 bpm, Signature 4/4
Length - 2:10 mins


Session file for Cubase (v12)
Template file for Cubase (v12)
Stereo audio mix
Artwork for further inspiration



Sample Libraries used for the track (at least Kontakt 6.7.1)

Heavyocity Novo, Forzo, Damage 1
Performances Samples - Pacific Strings, Caspian,
ProjectSAM - Pandora
Spitfire Audio - Abbey Road ONE
Audio Imperia CHORUS
Orchestral Tools Berlin Woodwinds
Cinematic Studio Series - Brass and Woodwinds

Plugins used
Slate Virtual Mix Rack, Infinity EQ, Fresh Air, Berlin Studio, Softube Drawmer S73, Pro, FG-X2, OTT, Oxford Inflator

All instruments are routed to bus tracks perfectly matching the orchestral seating position within Berlin Studio.

In case you don't have any of the sample libraries or plugins mentioned above, you can use whatever sample library or plugin you prefer!

You are allowed to use this license-free composition in your commercial projects and /or change all notes, tempo, rhythm, and instrumentation to fit your needs!

You are NOT allowed to resell this Cubase session or the Cubase template file!


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