Carefree Adventure Vol. 01

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Carefree Adventure Vol. 01

Carefree Adventure Vol. 01


Lily, driven by a whimsical spirit, decided on a whim to explore her city like never before. Grabbing her sketchbook and a dash of curiosity, she meandered into the park at the break of dawn. The urban hum gave way to nature's melody of leaves and birdcalls. She stumbled upon a hidden nook by a stream, where the world seemed to stand still, inviting her into its overlooked wonders. That day, Lily discovered that adventure lay not in miles covered, but in the delight of the unforeseen.


✅ Works with any digital audio workstation

✅ Works with any sample library

✅ 12 flexible orchestral 8-bar compositions in MIDI format

✅ Easily change tempo, key, and every single note on the fly

✅ Drag and drop arrangements into your existing session

✅ Audition every track with preview mp3s

✅ Use your final compositions in your commercial work

Inspirational Boxes - an incredible way to find musical inspiration, motivation, and deadline support!

If you're looking for inspiration, look no further than the Inspirational Box. This unique tool is designed to help you write music and is easy to use. Simply drag and drop MIDI files into your DAW and use them with any of your favorite sample libraries. With the Inspirational Box, you'll have everything you need to create something unique.


Curious about more detailed information? Check out the video below.

Please remember that the video below is a general tutorial for this store's inspirational boxes. The sounds, tracks, and instruments may vary.


This pack has been created in collaboration with Mateja Kojadinovic.


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